ISO Timneh, in Mid-Atlantic region


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Jun 5, 2019
Harrisburg, PA
Timneh: Grady;
Senegal: Charlie;
Sun Conure: Peaches (deceased)
Senegal: Georgia
Peach-fronted Conure: Milton (foster)
Brown-throated Conure: Pumpkin (foster)
Senegal: Fletcher
Senegal: Ivy
Hi. I have had Grady, my Timneh for over three years now. Time flies! He was said to be 16 years old when I got him, but he was rehomed so many times, I just don't know if that is accurate. I've always wanted a same-species companion for him, ideally opposite-sex. I am not looking to breed. I will not breed. Keeping parrots is one thing, which I am still learning. :] Breeding parrots--that does not interest me at all, and sounds quite scary. :] I just want Grady to have the experience Nature intended for him. In the wild, they pair-bond, for life, with same-species, opposite-sex. I want to give him that "gift".

Grady has been "cage-free" since shortly after I got him. He was a plucker when I got him. He is doing well with me. He gets thorough annual wellness exams. He has a lot of Dragonwood branches, bark-on. He gets direct sunlight daily, weather permitting. He flies around my open-floorplan house daily, to visit his favorite places. I have really seen him "bloom", and I think a same-species companion would add a lot to his life.

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