Itchy skin under leg African Grey plucker


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Oct 2, 2021
African Grey

Our parrot unfortunately is almost totally bald but she's happy she gets lots of love the best we can give her. I've tried for over 20 years to stop her plucking but nothing has ever stopped it.

The problem is now she has bare legs and I suppose where the leg connects with the belly I've noticed the skin is very sore on one leg and she keeps picking it to scratch at it which slowly makes it worse.

How can I help it heal is there anything I can put on the skin to help soothe the itchyness? I've heard aloe Vera can help but I'm scared I make it even more sore.

Thanks massively for any help.


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Aug 29, 2018
Queensland, Australia
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Welcome to the Forums to you and your Grey, Fishleg, although I wish we were not meeting you under these worrying circumstances! Don't forget to tell us her name btw, will you? :)

I'm going to link up a previous thread for you, which contains a bit of info around the use of aloe vera, and a number of other suggestions including what physical barriers you might use in order to stop your Grey from further damaging that already sore spot, particularly the use of the fabric collar as illustrated in the posts by riddick07. Plucking in itself is already a vexing enough issue in itself but, my word, when it starts to lead to damaging or even mutilation of the skin I can only imagine just how worrying that must be to witness! I suspect the quaker in the following thread may have progressed further down the path of mutilation than your Grey, but hope you can perhaps glean a bit of info from it...

I hope another of our members may be able to assist you with some more constructive info than I, and that they will weigh in with some help soon. Thank you so much for joining, and I wish you and your Grey all the very best!

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