Jacob is now on YouTube


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Apr 24, 2019
Jacob the blue and gold macaw
Jacob my blue and gold macaw is finally on YouTube. I've been wanting to put his videos on YouTube but the videos from my phone camera came out sideways. I converted them with VLC but they don't upload to YouTube. If anyone knows of a better free converter that doesn't have adware or viruses please let me know so I can upload the 48 videos I already have.

My mother lent me her camera so I can take videos of Jacob that can actually upload to YouTube. I already have 28 videos on YouTube since getting the camera 2 days ago. I gotta admit though that the videos from my phone are a lot better and I wish i could upload those, he got used to the phone so he kept doing what he was doing without getting distracted by the camera. This new camera, when I turn it on the lens pops out and gets his attention, so whatever cute thing he was doing becomes a come eat the camera video. Hopefully he gets used to it soon and I can resume getting good videos of him.

Also, I am open to any advise if you notice I'm doing anything wrong on the videos. I've had Jacob for a month and a half now, my mom had him for 15 years before me though half of that time I lived at home and spent lots of time with him. I am his favorite person and he loves his new home with me. My mother couldn't take care of him anymore so that's why I got him. I take so many videos so my mom can still see him often.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmINkk1qFtsZMycy5_84FFg

Enjoy the videos of Jacob, there's more to come and hopefully they get better as Jacob gets used to the new camera.:blue1:

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