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Aug 6, 2021
Hey everyone,

So I stopped handfeeding my jandaya Conure, because she started rejecting. She's been eating fruits, seeds and vegetables for a few weeks now.

And I have a silly question since I'm a new parrot owner. I see other jandaya conures eating by using their feet. My conure doesnt grab anything with her feet , she eats from her bows with her beak.

Will she eventually learn to grab her food or do I have to teach her?

Thank you very much for your help and I apologize for my silly question:)


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Hi There!

They will learn eventually. He's just a baby now, so surely will be a bit clumsy. For small things like chop, pellets or seeds they don't need feet - they will eat directly from the bowl. Only for bigger pieces they might need to hold it.

My little conure was very clumsy with his feet when I got him at 7-8 months of age, he couldn't even hold a nutriberry properly at all. 6 months later he is a pro now at holding stuff. So yeah, they will learn through time, Nutriberries are a great way to teach them eating with their foot. I had to teach mine first by holding it for him, then offering a halved one, then later he could handle an entire nutriberry by him self. Heck, even a grape was a challenge for him, but he learned. Foot toys (small toys they can carry around) are a great way too to learn how to use their feetsies :D

He also seems to have prefers, for example yesterday I gave him a piece of a banana, he was eating it there on spot, half an hour later, he grabbed the remaining piece and went into his corner to eat it while holding it.

Tl;dr - all will come in good time, no worries :)

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