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June 2023 Photo of the Month Contest!

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Parrot of the Month πŸ†
Feb 20, 2022
It's the change of seasons for those of us a bit further from the equator,
and in my area it's summertime -
time to play outside and get a little silly!

This month, share photos of your birds

Being Silly!





The contest will close on June 28th and the voting poll will be open June 28th- 30th!

And now The Rules!
  • Only 1 entry per person, but you can post as many Just For Fun (JFF) pictures as you like
  • All entries including Just For Fun need to follow all PF rules and guidelines, and safety of our birds is paramount

The winner receives:
  • One year of Supporting Membership
  • Your picture will be on the Forums page at the top of the winners section for the following month
  • Your picture will automatically be entered in the Photo of the Year Contest, which will be run in January of the following year and will include the past twelve winners.

And of course most of all, HAVE FUN!


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I had so much fun and laughed so hard at these memories while looking for photos! Cotton was furiously digging through chop to find a few seeds and trying to fling it everywhere but ended up with a beet beard; Opie was actually hissing at a mallet I was using which was funny itself, but it was the day he yelled GOOD BOOOOOYYYYYY every 30 seconds all day long; Gabby the Senegal was turning his head upside down and saying "What did you say?"; Sunny the cockatiel was headbanging on my shoulder along to music; and Winston the cockatoo was flinging his head back and forth yelling "WHOOHOOOOOO WHOOHOOOOOO" :ROFLMAO:
A very good theme, hard to pick just one so I'll do some just for fun too.
This'll be the official entry though.
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@Keet_Krazy Quarter is holding on by the tippiest of tippy toes!! :ROFLMAO: Your JFF entry is cracking me up too - is that Sunbeam? Also is that bottlebrush?! I am always so envious of the natives those of you on the shared parrot continent can utilize :)

@Jexnell I am cracking up - this is such a different side of Phoenix than I've seen before :D His spunkiness has shown in all the photos I've seen for sure, but being a total goof is new to me and I love it! πŸ˜„

And Striga! That muscle control, wow! These are amazing 😁
Hijinks and silliness are pretty much guaranteed when Lovejoy & Val get together, particularly when combined with all the fun of bath time!

Official Entry ...

Awwww! 😍😍
Val is so sweet to Lovejoy!
He really is! We originally got Val hoping he and Lilly would become besties, but she was having none of it :( I felt so sorry for Val then cos he is such a little sweetie and he really wanted to be her friend, so it's lovely that he and Lovejoy have hit it off so well together πŸ’–
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