Kings Cages - Superior Line XL: REVIEW


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Jul 9, 2020
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Afternoon everyone... this community has provided me with a lot of advice recently regarding my feathered friend. Hopefully I can return the favor with a brief review of the cage in the title.

I purchased the cage from Todd Marcus' Birds Exotic in NJ, and from the moment I got off the phone until delivery it only took 4 business days (WOW!). So kudos to Todd Marcus for getting that order in quickly, contacting a freight delivery company that's amazingly quick, and getting me squared away.

You will need a lift gate truck, unless you body building, and have a whole bunch of friends that can squat and dead lift 200+lbs. The package including pallet is very heavy (I believe 285lbs). However once it was off the lift gate and on the ground I was able to remove all of the wrapping, cable ties, and lay all three (3) of the boxes down in front of my residence.

The boxes themselves were relatively heavy, I haven't been lifting recently due to Covid and can usually curl 65lbs, and bench 225lbs, but these took some effort even for me. So if you're a smaller person and/or you don't work out, you'll probably need help. However, I'm stubborn and did everything on my own with a hand truck. Of note is that two out of the three boxes are too wide for standard doorways, so you'll need to flip them on their sides and slide them through. A quick note that Kings Cages did an excellent job of packing all three boxes tightly on a pallet, with little opportunity for damage.

After I got all of the boxes into my place, I decided to start putting this beast together. Again, if you're not as mechanically inclined, or if you don't workout you'll probably need a second person to help you put it together. I did it on my own because I like the challenge and it was a good workout. All of the piece to the cage were boxed and crated very well.

All of the hardware comes with the cage, and as any company does, they provide you with extra bolts, nuts, and misc items just in case you lose a few. However, the instruction are outdated for their older model, so look at the inserts (pieces of pages) that come in the instruction packet, those will get you on the right path! The hardwork is of significantly good quality, stainless steel bolts etc. However, the locks could be designed better, I'll explain later...

The cage itself is high quality, as is the powder coating, very impressed, and there were no scrapes or damages of any sort upon receipt (then again I really don't care about the point all that much). The engineering of the cage is excellent and the bolts were a perfect fit on all attachment points and joints. There was a slight bend to one of the sides of the cage... I mean 2cm or 3cm off, which is acceptable and completely within gap tolerances; I seriously doubt this was from shipping because that wasn't a weak structural point.

Assemble took about 3hrs, but again that was me being an airhead and doing it all on my own; it was like Xmas, I wanted to open my toy and play with it. Many of the leafs of the cage were around 45lbs a piece, just to give you an idea of how heavy they are. Once completed it seemed very sturdy, and rugged. However, one of the issues that I had was with the perches that were included, though this isn't a big deal, they just don't seem to fit properly...easily rectified with some wood working tools.

The Locks though...hmmmm, so they claim to have these tamper proof locks, and for the most part I would agree with them. The problem is that the locks, though tamper proof, depend upon a spring to force the pin up verticle to block the door tabs so the bird cannot push the door open. How many of you have cabinets with springs in them? When those springs go, they fall out and the door no longer self closes. I don't like the idea of depending open a flimsy spring to keep the pin up, and my parrot in his cage. Therefore I reversed the locks on either side of the cage so the pin goes down... so the pin itself doesn't block the door tabs, but the thumb lever on the lock then blocks the door. The thumb lever is still blocked from access by the bird... the bird would litterally have to grab the spring loaded lever with his beak, lift it up, push it out... with some serious Houdini type reflexs, and then push the cage door open all at the same time.

Now the lock issue may be fixable with an industrial strength spring, which I plan on looking for this weekend...however I'm still a fan of gravity, and making things simple stupid so if a part fails, it fails to the "locked" position. Whereas if you put the locks in as they describe the lock will "fail" to the open position.

Anyways, the attached pic is what it looks like... all for a baby Eclectus; he's going to be one spoiled brat lmao.

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Jul 10, 2015
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Kings Cages have long built good cages.
That said, Kings, like near all Parrot Cages are produced in China in one of the three cage manufacturers in China. All three build to their customers' specification and as a result the quality is good. That said, when things go bad it can take weeks to get it corrected.


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Aug 6, 2020
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This is a fabulous review! Thank you for sharing with us!!

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