Kiwi the baby quaker


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Mar 13, 2020
Quaker parrot named Kiwi
Hi All,

I am Sef and live i Malta, i am an animal lover and i always had a pet in my life, being dog, cat, giunie pigs, birds u name it. I moved out of my mums house with my partner and 5 year old kid and decided to bring a bit of joy to the fam by getting a parrot. I wanted a blue macaw, my partner wanted an african grey and my daughter wanted a green parrot like peppa pig and that's how we decided to get our Kiwi a small green baby quaker.

Bringing home such a small aged parrot was not an easy job, but we wanted to tame it from the very start. I use to take him to work with me so i can feed him, put it in my cloths to keep it warm, kiwi was pampered alot. Everyone takes care of him not just me my kid use to copy what i do and my partner cleans its cage and gives him food constantly.

Its been 6 months since we got Kiwi and i love it very much, however it worries me a bit it's constant biting. Kiwi never bit me just my nails. With me its just kisses and cuddles ( and poop on my cloths) sometimes he also does a strange movement with his head as he comes on me like when mamma bird gives the baby food and then turns and kisses me (hope its a good sign). With my partner there is occational hard biting but when it comes to my kid oooo its horrible he really hates her i tell u. He attacks her and bites her very hard. I always was in the same room when she played with him and i know she never hurt it.
Its bites are getting worse last saturday he was in the cage and i was cuddling it with my fingure, my daughter came and told it goodmorning as he saw her face he attacked my fingure, it was a hard bite. I left him in the cage and did not talk to him for a whole day the next day i took it out and it was kissing and cuddling more then usual as if it is saying sorry, but still i am worried now.

The cheeky part is that when its time to go to his cage he uses my daughter as a way to stay a bit more outside by cuddling on her grrr he is a wise ass and i love him.

Anyone has any suggestions on why he is doing so and what i can do to make them friends? Also the head thing he makes on me as if its vomitting is it normal :yellow1::yellow1:


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome Sef and Kiwi, thanks for joining!

You've had Kiwi for 6 months, do you have an idea of his age? I strongly suspect either Kiwi is becoming sexually mature or has been and sees you as a mate. Yes, they do bond with humans in that manner even as reproduction is of course impossible.

Very close handling and especially cuddling can stimulate hormonal behavior, leading to aggression. The simplest method is to touch Kiwi only on the head, above the shoulders. I know this can be difficult as he is cuddly and initially responded well, but it can destroy the relationship over time with increased biting. You can still handle him by the feet, place on your hand or shoulder (once the biting absolutely stops) and enjoy closeness.

If you stop the cuddling and stroking but biting remains, there are a few other methods to consider. Bite pressure training:
A last resort and somewhat controversial is a one-time mild wing clipping. Leaves a bird feeling a bit more vulnerable and may reduce aggression. With many birds, the behavior stops and feathers will return naturally.

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