Large parrot cage+ LOTS of accessories- 4sale Ohio


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Mar 31, 2020

See Craigslist page

*Everything has been washed/disinfected with parrot safe cleaners*
Many of these items were bought only a month or so ago and have barely been touched. Total value is way more than I’m asking.

Large 36 x 24 x 66 parrot cage. Like new condition, no chips or dents. Comes with everything in its product link (some aren’t shown in my picture)

Also comes with a LOT of perches, toys, foraging toys and accessories.

2 concrete perches
1 dragon wood perch
1 large+1 small Y textured perches
1 shower/window perch
1 boing
1 triangle swing
1 wood ladder/bridge
1 corner wood platform
1 cotton bridge

1 barely used bag organic natural pellets
1 bag millet
2 unopened bags yo dips
1 10 lb bag peanuts, hardly used
1 unused bag dried veggies
1 partial bag dried fruit
2 aviator harnesses, 1 petite and 1 small I think
Sand perch covers

1 Collapsible parrot travel cage. Includes 2 perches inside and a food bowl (not shown)
1 automatic spray mister

1 jute rope net
6 toys. Some a little worn but not bad.

1 drawer foraging toy
1 3-pull tab foraging toy
1 twist drawer foraging toy
1 pvc foraging toy
1 hanging ball foraging toy
1 foraging wheel
1 foraging bucket
1 foraging tumbler
1 green shielded food dish
1 hanging food skewer

1 bag various toy making parts (from CA bird nerds)
1 red bird-safe rope (CA bird nerds)
1 bag wooden blocks
8+ Pear links (I keep finding more after I took the link picture lol)

two table top parrot stands. One made for training.

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