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Jul 24, 2013
Hello, i am new to the forum and was looking for help with reading my CAG leg band. I was told he is 8 years old. I researched leg bands and want to know where to get more information if that's possible. No information was found at legbandregistry.com

The Band reads: "TAF s XXXX"(4 digits)

Assuming the TAF is the breeder initials. Then there is a small "s" and then 4 digits. Any help would be appreciated.


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Nov 24, 2010
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Back in the 80s & 90s there were 3 decent data bases of leg band IDs, but two fell by the wayside because of the cost, both in time & $$$ to maintain them, sadly, without anyone picking up the stored data from those catalogs.....

While several jurisdictions, in the U.S., require leg bands on birds bought, sold & transported through their authority, and some commercial breeders will not purchase new stock that is not banded & have a verifiable paper trail, there are no required central databases.....

Considering that the average bird owner may have a nesting pair that produces several young per year, with virtually no record keeping or maybe leg bands are ordered for one or two years then no further young are produced, so the heritage/lineage of a bird, at least from the point of banding, is lost, as is often the case of its heritage/lineage prior to hatching.....

Your only hope may be that someone who knows the band ID would see your post & recognize it…..

Good luck…..

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