Looking for foster to adopt for my Sun Conure Lily, Maryland


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May 7, 2022
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We are looking for a foster-to-adopt agreement. I’m crying as I am typing this, but we need to rehome Lily, our very loved, hand-tame, DNA-sexed female Sun Conure. About a year ago, my husband developed tinnitus and unfortunately since then it is being made continuously worse by her screaming. Lily is NOT an excessive screecher by any means, but she needs to be close to us since she is our only bird, so for my husband there is no escape from her suddenly and loudly screeching near him (usually only if she sees or hears something, like a bird of prey outside).

We are very concerned that she not be accepted only to be re-sold, and as such we will require a signed contract that she will be returned to us if for any reason you are no longer willing or able to care for her. This contract stipulates that if she dies while in your care that she will be taken to a vet for necropsy and that report will be provided to us. We are serious about enforcing this contract, so please only persons interested in providing a home to her need apply. We will not re-home her to someone that is interested in breeding her. If we are convinced that you will provide a loving home for years to come, we are willing to forgo the re-homing fee.

Lily is a fully flighted, secure flyer, and follows us around throughout the day (we work from home). She is very sweet and she has never bitten us hard or drawn blood. She bites sometimes to communicate something, but not aggressively. However, she is territorial around her cage and we can’t have her outside of her cage if we have guests over. She was with a friend for a week while we were on vacation and she didn’t show any aggression towards people or birds (our friend has an Amazon); her territorial behavior seems to be limited to around her cage at home. Lily is about 80% potty-trained and understands the request β€œgo potty”. It’s easy to get her back in her cage in exchange for a treat. She loves having breakfast with us, being on us and with us all day long, and finally cuddling with us at night while we watch TV. Lily was hatched June 6, 2019 at the JC Aviary in Austin, Texas. She just had her yearly wellness checkup on March 24, 2022 with an exotic vet, who said she is in excellent health. We are happy to provide her health care records from this appointment. We can provide her hatch records too. She is on a diet of Roudybush pellets and fresh fruit (vegetables are offered, but mostly ignored). We think that she is perfect and we would never give her up if it wasn’t for my husband’s health.

We are very concerned that she not end up in the wrong hands, and are willing to go through great lengths to make sure that that won’t happen. We are looking for a foster to adopt arrangement with a strict contract that states that she must be returned to us if you do not keep her. Under no circumstances may she be sold to a third party, and this must be agreed upon by a legally binding contract.

We would love for her to have a conure companion; we now understand that she needs that. If it wasn’t for the tinnitus, we would have gotten another conure. She is used to flying around and at this point we think clipping her wings would be cruel. Since conures are loud and not apartment-friendly pets, we would prefer someone who owns the place they live in to make sure that won’t be a problem. We have her outside her cage for most of the day, so daily time outside of her cage for socialization and exercise is a must, unless you keep her in a big aviary and she has a companion. If you think that you are a good fit, we would like to talk to you over the phone to give you more details. Please don’t feel offended if we ask you for an avian vet reference, ask about your living situation, your experience with parrots, the cages you have, and other related questions. We only ask because we care. She comes with two bigger cages, one travel cage, one travel backpack, several parrot stands and food.


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Aug 2, 2018
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oh wow how did your thread get missed???

What a beautiful girl!!!
Oh I'm so sorry you have to foster her out....life just isn't fair sometimes!

Hopefully a solution is found. Your husband recover enough thst she can come back to you


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May 16, 2019
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Such an adorable Conure. I love their colors. If she were closer I'd likely pursue. I'm on the other coast.
May 2, 2021
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I can look around in my area. I am VERY close, but I can’t currently foster as my burds are recovering from medical issues. I’ll PM you if I find anyone!


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Oct 10, 2018
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I hope you find her a good home! I think I am too far away from you. Where are you located, Texas?

An old Sun Conure was my very first parrot, miss my little sunset floof.

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