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Nov 16, 2020

I have had my lovebird siblings for about 8 months now, and at first I tried to feed them a mix of veggies and seeds but all they seemed to eat were the seeds. Things got a little crazy with my online schooling, so I gave up on trying to add to their diet for a while, but now that it's over I want to try and find a healthier diet for them. Currently, I am using the Vita Seed Cockatiel/Lovebird blend.

It's not too late to get them to start eating veggies, right?

I would love to hear what routines/diets you guys have for your lovebirds!!


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I have no experience with lovebirds, best I can do is share techniques from larger birds. Avians are stubborn but over time can be encouraged to change diet.

Seeds are equivalent to humans guzzling burgers and fries, though some species do require higher proportions. Have you tried the "chop" aka veggies/fruit challenge? Prepare multiple bowls of chop, give one or two to your birds, begin eating from yours. Make "mmm" sounds, bob your head in delight. Birds are flock eaters and you are one of the flock!

A few threads sharing techniques:


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Dec 7, 2020
You can try sprinkling some seeds over the vegetables, so your bird would have to dig in for those seeds, and during the process, will get a taste of the vegetables and might try some.
Offer the vegetables in different ways and see which one he/she likes
A bird may prefer sliced vegetables more than finely chopped ones, so try offering diced, finely chopped, sliced and shredded vegetables. My lovebirds really enjoy shredded carrots!
Also try feeding them boiled vegetables, some birds enjoy boiled more than raw!

If your lovebird likes chewing on paper, then you can try offering him/her leafy vegetables like spinach since they might mistake it for paper.
Broccoli is really good too, birds often mistake the little green nibs for seeds

I hope you will try to convert your bird to eating pellets soon too, even though you can technically have a healthy diet without pellets.

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