Love birds fighting?


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Apr 28, 2015
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Hi! I'm new to this site so please be patient with me.
About a month ago I bought a pair of peach faced lovebirds from a man at the warehouse I work at.
The guy I bought my birds from was a total a-hole and knew nothing about them, he told me they were 6 months old, and one was male and one was female without getting them sexed so it was just a guess on his part.
I'm starting to think that they're two hens.

Originally they were in a smaller cage until I could purchase one, and I noticed my yellow bird Prim would start biting at the back of my green ones (Avery)s neck when they were on the perch they slept on, and Prim would actually chase Avery around the walls of the cage and Avery would try to run away. And Avery never goes after Prim, Prim only goes after Avery.
This happened a few times and I thought maybe it was because of the small cage, but google really scared me into thinking they would kill each other so I bought a big cage with a divider in it so they could have supervised play time.

My question to you more experienced lovebird owners: do you think this upsets my birds?
They USUALLY play nicely together, and when I separate them they'll hang on the divider and they seem to want to be together... but in this bigger cage Prim has attacked Avery over a Kabob they were sharing!
I know its not that they don't have enough room now because the cage is big enough for 2 PAIRS of lovebirds, let alone 2 single ones.
Theyre still new and semi-scared of me so I don't know if trying to let them play together and then separating them will make them upset with me.


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Feb 5, 2014
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Welcome! With my little experience I'd say lovebirds are very affectionate, but they LOVE to fight! :D My Coco would just stage the situations where she could start a fight with my gcc Parry when they are both out of cage. And she would freak out if she has to be away from him more than 5 min. She also provokes my cockatiel, but he doesn't give in for that. She is housed alone in her cage, but next to the other birds.
I think in your case a divider and supervised out of cage time is a great idea.


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Oct 28, 2014
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Yup - our pairs of lovies scrap frequently...but just TRY to separate them! One pair (that provided us with several beautiful babies over the years) we named Ricky & Lucy, because they bickered constantly.

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