LOVE my baby green cheek!!


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Feb 24, 2013
San Diego
proud mommy of a cockatiel & yellow sided green cheek conure :)
I've had zoey :rainbow1: for 2 weeks now & she is AMAZING! super affectionate & already on a schedule :) she wakes up early, has a little play time outside the cage then crawls into bed w/ me... we snuggle & fall back asleep for about an hour... then breakfast & tons more play time! she lets me know when she's ready for a bath then when its time for bed she crawls into her cage all by herself & jumps into her hut. she's totally weaned off of seeds now & is on a pellet, fruit, & veggie diet. LOVE the little booger. & she is getting along so much better w my tiel :yellow1: chicken now. they aren't the best of friends but can be in the same vicinity without killing each other lol.

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