Lovebird or Parrotlet: Which to get?


Apr 15, 2022
2 budgies
1 Bourke
I have owned cockatiels, and currently own 2 budgies and a bourke. I have been looking into getting another bird, and I enjoy the smaller species quite a bit. However, I want a bird that's a little more personable than my budgies. I was looking into lovebirds and parrotlets, but I'm nit sure between the two. If anyone could weigh in about these guys I'd love your advice.

I have a few specific things I'm looking for:
Trainability - While I really want the bird as a companion, I'd also like to train a few things. More specifically posing for photos, as much as any bird can "pose". Think Wegman ;)

Would hopefully at least tolerate my Budgies and bourke during free flight time

Would enjoy my attention as well as the attention of possible guests

Longer lifespan/more hardy
My budgies are so fragile with an estimated lifespan anywhere from 7 to 15 years, and I'd love to keep my pal for a lot longer than that.

Tolerance. A bird who is willing to put up with my dumb ideas. Like crochet wings or capes and such.

Noise is not an issue. I personally love the noise my babes make.

I know individual personality differs between birds, but each species has it's general tendencies and I'll be sure to work with a breeder once I determine which species I want.
Thank y'all in advance!!!


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Apr 7, 2022
Munchkin the Sun Conure!
Lovebirds and parrotlets I can tell you a little bit about.
I definitely know that parrotlets tend to be very fiesty and territorial over their environment or even other birds they become fond of. Lovebirds not too much but it does vary from bird to bird.
Not to mention a parrotlet bite latches onto you, and idk about every parrotlet but that sure isn't fun lol.
I think a green cheek conure can be a bird you can look into more. They are clownish and loving and can learn lots of tricks, but they also are not one person birds for the most part so great with other people if trained to be.
And they do tend to live for a maximum of 30 years or so.
So yes, just a thought in case you haven't thought of the GCC.

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