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Jun 29, 2013
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:green: hai to everyone i am new to own i need some help to feed them. please name some exact food items to feed.... rather than seeds, leafs,vegetables like that...if you put some images of food it is pretty help full for me and other members too...
currently i feed persely,carrot,millet,tomato...

I HOPE SOME IMAGES thank you for the help
I would get a high quality pellet made for small sized parrots, often labeled as "crumble". I recommend roudybush. A lovebird favourite is apple, broccoli, carrots, kale, parsley, hot peppers, (never too hot, jalapeno is the hottest, try avoiding feeding seeds of the pepper!) cabbage, and spinach. avoid feeding lettuce, especially iceberg as it has little nutritional value. Kale, cabbage and spinach are better alternatives. Make sure all foods are organic, and are free of chemicals such as pesticides. Avoid feeding avocado, alcohol, fruits and with pits (plum, apricot peach etc.), sugars, and very fatty foods. When you get a cuttlebone. powder it and sprinkle some onto your lovebirds vegetables or pellets, to insure your bird is getting proper calcium intake. Always remove uneaten fresh fruits and veggies so they don't get spoiled and give your bird a bacterial or fungal infection. Use separate dishes for fresh fruit or veggies. feed millet in moderation, preferably a treat for training. Hope i helped, if you want more info on lovebird care check out this website. Hope I helped!

Basics of Lovebird Care

If your bird isn't accepting fresh foods, pretend to eat them, and offer him some. Usually works. If THAT doesn't work, puree it and serve as a liquid, and offer it to your bird, :)
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DallyTsuka!! ...Its very helpful to me, thank you first. And images shows most food are cooked and mixed. can i do that, because till i use fresh foods only.just clean it and cut it in to smalls and feed them
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