Lovebirds in Phoenix Arizona


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Jun 19, 2021
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Budgerigar (Bud), Pacific Parrotlet (Sam), Roseicollis lovebird (BJ and Turq), Linneolated parakeet (Charlie and Emma)
IĀ“ve just seen this video today. It might be old news to some, but it is an amazing story!

Usually exotic species canĀ“t establish themselves in a different land (except for Australia that has a very unique natural history). African lovebirds, accidentally introduced in Phoenix says otherwise however....or not quite so :)

Usually exotic species can not compete for resources against native species that are way more adjusted to the environment than the exotic ones. Lovebirds had success in Phoenix because they did not try to compete with local species. They remained in the urban environment that is not that interesting for native species and they rely on food provided by the people of Phoenix. It is a remarkable combination of factors that produced just the right conditions for such interesting story.


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