Macaw Chick B&G Help needed


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Mar 6, 2022
Macaw Blue and Gold Chick
I am new with big birds, I do have ringneck parrot from last 2 years but recently purchased Macaw Chick.

It is only 15Days baby now and I need few suggestions.

1. Temperature requide for brooder. Currently it is on 35 and happy.

2. Feed is on Newcare Adcance hand feeding formula.

3. Feeding after 3 hours and in night 6 hours break.

So queries are what is the ideal temp week by week, Secondly how much I have to feed I mean quantity of formula and water. Also pls advise the weight.

If anyone have any chart that will be brilliant.



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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
DYH Amazon
So, some 'push breeder' has convinced you to buy a very young B&G Mac. Since, you have greatly enhanced their Profit Picture, I would strongly recommend that you pound them for this information. Understanding that the number of Good Breeders, the ones that do it correctly rarely response any more and have become far less active because they are busy properly taking care of their chicks.

Not being hard hearted, only stating current reality with finding quality Breeder care as far too many of today's are push breeders, i.e. they push chicks that are to young to improve they Profits.

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