Male and female behavior - do they squabble often?


Mar 10, 2022
Eclectus male and female
Hey ekkie mind hive!

For those of you with a male and female in your flock do they often squabble? Like get into little fights? Our adoptive pair we got have been together for a few years but the male is 3 and the female is 16 and since they have joined us he is at least once a day being agressieve to her in some way - over toys or our shoulders or if she is near his cage balcony.

Tonight he flew across the room to get to start a fight because she walked over his half of the cage even I know females are more often like this but it’s really only him as she is very timid

Is this sort of normal? We jump in to safely break the mini fight up but also don’t want to do anything that he sees as rewarding his behavior

I also understand that some of it may be his age. Some may be the new house and that we are only 6 weeks into them living with us.

Any advice?


Dec 29, 2020
Near NYC
You mentioned "his half of the cage." So you keep them together in the same cage? I'm not sure that's a good idea. You may find it more harmonious to put them in separate cages. I know that can be impractical--that extra space taken up. But if you have room, you may want to consider it.

13 years difference? That's huge. We have a male and female mated pair and they're about 1 1/2 years apart. They had a baby together who is now 3 years old. While he can hang out with his father from time to time, the father is VERY sensitive to the fact that his son could be competition with his mate. So, if she's around, together they'll gang up on the little guy. Meanwhile, when the son is in his cage, the father will eagerly come atop and feed him through the bars. As for the female? NOTHING GOOD. She likes to attack him. He is curious about her, and when it's his turn to be out, he will voluntarily leap onto her cage, look down upon her, and when she comes to the top perch (always does), he'll then try to peck at her through the bars.

We have 3 cages, one for each bird. The female is in the middle. The son will very often watch the female as she eats and moves about. He's now at the age where he tries to show off for her. He'll prance around the bottom of his cage, flap wings, hang upside down, etc. It's odd because it's like he's flirting with her, but when he's out of his cage it's a different story.

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