male budgie aggressively trying to mate with female budgie.


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May 25, 2019
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So, i've had my budgies for 3 years now, and Coco, my male budgie, has, what i assuming is, made multiple moves on my female budgie, Witje.

Basically, the behaviour he does, is, get as close to Witje as he can, and than try to ''climb'' onto her side. Sometimes this causes Witje to be unable to escape and get into a hanging, upside-down position under the perch.
I've made many attempts to record it but when i get close enough to do so Coco stops. I have however, managed to record some of his less extreme behaviour succesfully yesterday, link to youtube video: [ame=""]Coco’s behaviour 1 - YouTube[/ame]

It doesn't shows him doing 'the climbing' that i'm talking about, but it does captures his movements onto Witje.
They also share a big cage, as seen in the video, together.
Also potentially important to mention: I also have a cockatiel which Coco absolutely adores. He loves Zoe, the cockatiel and she constantly wants to be around him all the time. Not sure if this is an important detail, but i felt like i should mention it anyway.

At one point it got worse, and i read online that if they really like their reflection in certain objects, they could be more aggressive to other budgies in an attempt to ''impress'' the bird in the reflection.

Since than I've removed reflective items, and put a cover over the microwave and oven (woohoow! glass! i can see myself in this!)

However, the last few days It's gotten worse.
I hear Witje make her 'no, stop it, leave me alone', not-happy noices early in the morning, prompting me to have to get up and get Coco out of the cage. He also does it many, many times throughout the day, making me have to get up from whatever i'm doing to tell him off and keep him away from Witje.

At this point, I'm seriously considering getting rid of him if his behaviour doesn't improves. I love him, I really do. I treat Coco and Witje like royalty, the best life i can possibly give them, so this is not easy for me to admit, but I also want to protect Witje against Coco and right now, the problem is Coco.

Please help me understand what this behaviour is and how to deal with it, and hopefully make Coco not treat Witje this way.


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Aug 29, 2018
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This looks very familiar to me. My male cockatiel, Fang, fell madly in love with my then (much older) female cockatiel, Twinkle, and would sometimes very aggressively pursue her, and then would quite violently attack me if I tried to intervene! Fortunately they always had separate cages so it was possible to separate them for Twinkle's safety while Fang's hormones cooled down. If your pair of budgies are housed together it may be time to look at getting a second cage and using it to protect Witje from the worst of Coco's aggression, even if only temporarily. Unfortunately once these hormonal urges start and they get into this mindset it can be very difficult to persuade them to behave otherwise, and physical separation becomes the best means of providing safety.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Beautiful budgies.
Two cages during breeding season might help.
Aldo a larger width cage, yours while nice is kinda narrow..i font know of turning it on its side might help?

She us mostly receptive to his attention. Just doesn't want to mate. If she could move awsy easier it might help. I think she would be very lonely on her own.

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