March 2020 POTM Winner!


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Nov 6, 2013
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
Hawkhead(Darwin),YCA(Dexter),VE (Ekko),OWA(Slater),BHP(Talli),DYH(Calypso),RLA(Kimera),Alex(Xander)CBC(Phoe),IRN (Kodee,Luna,Stevie),WCP (Pisces),CAG(Justice)GCC (Jax), GSC2(Charley)
Congratulations Laurasea & Penny!

March's Theme was "What's in a Name?


"Penny, because when I saw her stuffed in a tiny travel cage only inches larger than her body , and in which she couldn't stand up in because it was so small. She was covered head to toe in her own poop, with piles of poop in her cage, with her water covered in a film of algae. She was screaming, self mutilating, plucking, trying to bite.
I thought to myself , in for a Penny in for a pound.
I thought she would be vicious, and take a lot of work. But she is a very sweet and funny bird, has the biggest sense of humor of any of my birds.
She did take some work, mostly to engage her in life, to learn to fly, she still gets scared and lunges if I move quickly, but she pushes my hand away instead of bites now. I love her so much.
I found get on a shelf in dark corner of a mom and pop store who was letting an employee re-home her.
I wasn't looking for another bird, but I had to save her! I had to borrow money from two people to buy her. So worth it! "

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