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Sep 13, 2023
Yellow-crowned Amazon
I posted a message a few weeks ago about the death of my amazon parrot Maya. Things have moved on, and I gained an insight into what actually happened - which helped lessen my feeling of guilt a little. I found some solace in composing this short poem, which perhaps will resonate for others in a similar position.

Maya my emerald angel, -
Green Tara come to stay
My Bodhisattva of a thousand days
Who then opened whirring wings and went away
Facets diamond-sharp, a jewel supreme
Drawing blood or joyful light
With laughter or ear-splitting scream!
How wonderful and strange a privilege
For me to close with such a vivid being!
Although you yourself were given no choice -
Bought and sold, caged and passed on
- But you DID choose me, now I remember
Flew straight to my shoulder at our first meeting
In the house that could let you go
Because you were inconvenient
I couldn’t leave you then
I did my best, to make amends, attend,
And be your friend.
And you became a part of me
How much so, I only knew
When you were gone – and I was lighter
But so much heavier and weighed down with sorrow
No more “Hello!” when I came home,
Or “Bye,bye-O!” when I picked up my coat to go
Only a jarring,stifling silence
Where nothing can take off and fly in this house anymore -
And gravity has taken over.
Of course,I thought, I’ll be the first to go
But your wings were made for journeying
And you went on ahead alone
dear travelling companion
- I miss you more than you will ever know.


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Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your birds passing.

What a beautiful poem you’ve written. Your grief will ease in time, I assure you. And maybe one day you’ll find the strength to open your heart to another wonderful bird to care for.
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Thank you. I think I will probably get another parrot, but it doesn't feel right to rush into it, as if I was getting a substitute. Maya was my first and I came to realise what a responsibility it is to care for a parrot, but also what a wonderful companion they can be.

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