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Jun 15, 2022
Nope, this is not to ask for names, but to give ideas for names, if it pertains to flight, color, personality, sound, etc. of the parrot/parakeet...

Creative Names:

Chip-Man as in IpMan, but Chip because the bird chirps
Wing-Chun since there's a "wing"
Gaia - Earthy and Green (Goddess of the Earth)
Eros or Cupid (good for Lovebirds as he is the god of love)
Hermes (God of speed, flight, one of his personifications)
Hera (if you have a bitchy bird who is always jealous)
Titan (if you have a big bird)
Shaolin (if you have a bird that is yellow and black, the robes)
Wudang (if you have a bird that is Black and White)
Yin (if you have a bird that is fully white with a hint of black)
Yang (if you have bird that is black with a hint of white)
Medea and Circe (witches in Greek mythology)
Tinkerbell (yellow female bird)
Woodstock (male yellow bird - Charlie Brown)
Kestrel (for Bourke's as the natural pattern sort of resembles ones)
If you have birds with Eye Rings (Galadriel, Elron, Gandalf, Saruman, Sauron, Frodo)...Lord of the "Rings" or you can use the Ring names of the Elves: Vilya, Adamant, and/or Nenya

....more to come if you like these!


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Apr 25, 2020
When I first got my Lucy Quaker, she was two years old and extremely naughty. I wasn’t sure if I should change her name. My roommate said her name was short for
Lucy-fer, so we kept it the same.

Willow is a quiet and peaceful bird and I think his name suits him.

I wish I would have the opportunity to name a pet bird, but my birds are generally rescued and come with their names.

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