Missinformation Ref:- moving parrot eggs


Mar 10, 2012
I have Psittacidae
Hello, A few months ago by a parrot breeder warning the unknowing not to be taken in by fraudsters selling hatchable parrot eggs. I agreed with him up to 90%. He exagerated saying it was almost imposible to move eggs from the nest and have them remain viable, this very definately untrue. If I were to find a fertle egg for Luna within 400 miles I would purchase it for $2,000 with almost complete confidence. There is an industry in North America moving billions of fertle eggs. In Austrailia there was one test were they moved less endagerd species 400 miles by plain and by surface veh to acertain the safest method of collecting and fostering a related endanered species. Surface transportation almost matched the control sample, air transport was only slightly lower. By compairsion to part of the Austrailian terrain in the test we could probably transport across our entire continent with ony similare handeling. If you have read this mans worning Don't let it stop you from any necessary movement of your eggs. My wife often used foster mothers. Thanks for reading. D.D. ( apparently spell check quit so please try to decipher my rough draft ! )

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