Mixing lory species


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Mar 18, 2017
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So with the possible exception of an iris lorikeet, I'm not thinking about getting any lories until after I have a house and can build outdoor housing which I can keep them in most of the year. That said, I'm wondering already whether different, not-closely-related lory species can be housed together?

I know that lories cannot be housed with non-lory parrots because they're aggressive (this seems to be true of every nectar-eating bird species whose care requirements I know about). However Parrot Jungle used to have a mixed flock of lories, as did San Antonio Zoo. Parrot Jungle closed their lory aviary a couple years before they decided to move and stop being Parrot Jungle, while the San Antonio Zoo now has only three members of the rainbow lorikeet species complex. This suggests to me that probably all the lories were raised together, but when they lost members of species that didn't look like rainbow lories they couldn't introduce new ones to the adult rainbow-type lories, while lories that look somewhat like rainbow lories get accepted into the flock. Of course that's just a guess; I didn't ask why they didn't have other species anymore because I didn't know they once did until after my visit.

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