Molekule Air Mini+ Air Purifier Review!

May 2, 2021
Vermont, USA
Stormy(M): blue Australian budgie
Picasso(F): green Australian budgie
Apollo(F): sky blue dominant pied Australian budgie
So, I got a Molekule Air Mini+ for my birthday, following a recommendation from the vet for an air purifier since budgies have such delicate respiratory systems. My mom is a healthcare professional, and she has multiple of this brand of air purifiers in her office. I'm not bragging about having this, nor did I want her to spend so much money on an air purifier, but I'm glad that she cares about my birds enough to. I'm just going to give my honest review from here!

My rating: 4 out of 5

Price: Normal: $500, With Discount: $400, Definitely expensive compared to most mini air purifiers which are only $30-60

Quality: Excellent, the air is noticeably cleaner even after one day of running. It's EXTREMELY quiet, which is good for people with sensory issues like me, and really anyone. It has an air particle sensor and will tell you how particle-y (is that even a word?) your air is. Nothing super specific, more like the general particle-ness of the air. It has UV filtration, as well as a PECO filter. And it is used by MANY medical professionals and hospitals, so that should tell you something.

Anyhow, It's really good, except for the price. That was my extremely short review. You are welcome to ask questions. Cheers!
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