Move those wings using Flapping exercise to prevent Heart Issues

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Oct 8, 2021
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Aloha fellow member,

I have already quoted below website on my other post on Harrison's High Potency pellets. In case some of you may have missed it, I have decided to post a new thread so more people will be aware of the importance of the Flapping exercise to prevent heart issues due to the sedentary life style of pet birds compared to those in the wild who can fly freely.

The 2 page "Move It" article is rather lengthy but it contains clear explanation of the importance of exercise for pet birds. I am glad I have been doing that for my 27 year old Senegal for many years. It always best to start at younger years as the heart problems usually pop up when they age. Early prevention is the key!

If you don't have time to read the full article, below is an excerpt of the Flapping exercise so you know how to do it.


Clipped birds, especially Amazons and macaws, can be offered a secure perch or loop of rope with good traction and encouraged to flap with a repeated up down motion.

First attempts should be limited to 5–10 flaps and the exercise tolerance and recovery time of the bird noted. The time flapping can be slowly increased as owner and bird gain strength. This simple and quick maneuver works to develop strong feet, mimics the wing action of flight, and requires variable degrees of exertion. Birds tolerant of a hand-held dowel are good candidates for this exercise. Birds suspicious or afraid of a dowel can be “flapped” on the hand.

A hand towel over the hand offers protection from sharp claws. Even birds with severe disabilities can be held in the hand and will flap while touring inside or outside. Wing trims can be tailored to an individual’s body type, level of fitness, and environment.

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