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Aug 23, 2021
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Hi everyone, i have a 3 year old budgie named Cosmo and just recently got a new budgie named "baby bird" for now because im not sure of the sex. I'll include a pic if anyone wants to take a guess. Anyway, quarantine time ended and i have moved Cosmos cage where baby bird is to let them get used to each other. All seems to be going well and Cosmo is so excited to have a bird buddy. Cosmo flies to baby birds cage and even feeds him/her. Ive been trying to get baby bird out of the cage but he flies off my finger when hes halfway out. I have read to let the birds pick which cage they want to live in but Cosmos cage is only big enough for him and i dont like baby birds cage. I bought a new flight cage that im hoping they will live in together. Is it ok to just put them in there? Ill put toys from both cages in there. Will Cosmo be traumatized moving from the cage hes had for 3 years? Or since its new to both birds will the adjust ok?

Thanks for any help!!


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Aug 30, 2021
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No, don't just place them in the new cage. Place it by their old ones for a few days or however long they need to completely lose fear of it. Then, open the doors to the new cage and the old ones and see if either one will enter. You can entice them with treats as well. Try placing some millet in the new one, or moving a favorite perch or toy. You seem to be doing great with your adorable budgies so good luck!


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Jun 19, 2021
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Welcome Butterflygirl!

It is still early to be sure, but it seems to me that Baby bird is a male. Its violet cere is most likely turn into blue in my experience.

Regarding the new cage, as long as it is bigger than the old cages, they will love to move there. Usually I gave the bird the option to enter by itself putting the entrance of both cages close together. I also prefer to make such transitions in the morning to give time for the bird to get used to the new environment before night time.


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