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Feb 7, 2014
Hi All,

Just a quick question about my Orange Winged Amazon Mowgli. Briefly I'll let you know about him before I get to my problem.

He came from a home where he was cooped up in a very small cage and never let out - he is also missing one of his toes ( which having taken him to the vets - is believed to have been a forceful trauma and not an accident :( )

Now the problem - he is talkative and whistles all day long, loves coming out of his cage and exploring all the toys on his cage. He loves to take treats from my hands (and is quite comfortable taking food from anyone!) He also loves it when I tickle his head. First thing in the morning he'll coming rushing over to have morning tickles though this is a strictly me and him activity and he will not allow anyone else to touch him!

Unfortunately he will not climb onto my hand nor arm. He has once or twice flown onto my shoulder and had a chew of my hair - but only once has he climbed onto my arm. He was flying around and landed on a cushion which subsequently fell over! Giving him and me a bit of a shock - needless to say he was fine just a little shaken so I went over to him and offered my arm to take him back to safety and he didn't even hesitate he ran straight onto my arm and sat waiting for his free ride!

But he just won't take that step again - we do a small amount of training everyday and I believe he's getting closer but I just wondered if anyone had any tips/tricks to get him to step up?

Me & Mowgli :green:


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Dec 12, 2010
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Hey and welcome to the forum. it doesn't sound like you've had him long. I'm sure he will improve if you keep up the good work with him. It takes them awhile to trust you and adapt to a new home. Although is sounds like you're making good progress ,quickly. There's lots of good info in some of the older threads in this section. Hope you take part in the forum and gain some insight into your new companion. Keep introducing him to new people,places and situations. Socialization is a very important part introducing a amazon into your family. He will tend to gravitate to one person and needs to be "friends" the whole family. He probably was handled roughly in the past and is unsure of hands. This will change in time when he learns to trust you more. Good luck, ask questions when you have them and hope to see you around on the forum.


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Nov 15, 2013
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Henpecked is right. It will take time but you can get there in the end.

If Percy had a fright, he will step up to any familiar person for some safety. Be your fid's safe place and be patient, it works :)


Jun 10, 2013
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Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with your fid so far.
I would include in your training offering him your hand and a treat while you are saying "step up" to your bird. Make sure to hold your treat in your other hand positioned so the bird has to step up to your offered hand for picking him up to reach the treat.
Keep repeating this many, many times....so your fid will get a pleasant feeling about stepping up and know stepping up is rewarded.....
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