Mulga Pics!!


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Dec 2, 2012
Khaleesi, Mulga Hen Australian Parakeet-hd: 10/29/12
Maximus, Male Pearl Cockatiel-hd: 1/30/13
Lady, Lutino Hen
Cockatiel-hd: 11/?/13
For anyone who may not be familiar with the Mulga Parrot, I recieved some new pics of Khaleesi from the breeder. She was 6 weeks yesterday and should be ready to come home with me sometime soonish! She still has a little bit of fuzz on her back and is eating a few bites of her baby food 3 times a day.


Super pretty bird! And OMG...her name! Khaleesi!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name simply because I'm a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones. :D
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Thank you! Yeah my boyfriend got me into the series! We really enjoy it as well :) I am reading the books but it is slow going. I just started book two recently. Its a great series!
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Just an update! I got a call from the breeder yesterday and she said Khaleesi is ready to come home with me! We are going to pick her up tomorrow evening! I will post updated pictures once we are all settled in! I started my sprouts last night and am excited to start my routine with her :)
How exciting. She is very pretty, can't wait for the new pics
Congrats! Such a pretty bird indeed.
Congrats, very pretty . Are they a type of grass keet?
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Yes they are a type of grass keet :) Looks like they are in the same genus as the red rump and a few others, at least according to wikipedia!
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Here are some new pictures taken today! She was scared of the camera but i managed to get two!

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She had just had her sprout breakfast and her beak was covered in sprouts! I thought it was so cute :)
Cuteness overload! You must be SO happy to have Khaleesi home. :D

Looks like she thorougly enjoyed her sprouts, lol....all over her sweet little beak. :)
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Thank you! She is a blast and so sweet! She took her first bath (in her water dish!) and i got a picture of her drenched that i will have to put up!
Congrats.... welcome to the forum.. she is very pretty... keep us updated.
She's lovely! Gratz on finally being able to bring her home!
She's beautiful! Love the name Khaleesi.. They are so funny when it comes to the camera. My tiel looks at me like I'm some kind of whacko when I have the camera pointed at him. Congrats on your new arrival. Can't wait to see the after bath photo.

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