My 2 Green Cheeks associate my fingers with food and are now biting!


Feb 24, 2021
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Ive had my GCCs for under three weeks (from two different breeders) One of which was slightly apprehensive at first and I suspect the breeder may have been abusive ( he becomes very anxious when i place my hand over him and fly away however will come to land on my head ).

In order to remedy this I wanted him to associate my hand with positive experiences so I would feed him sunflower seed (holding the seed between my index and forefinger) The issue is now he associates my hand with food and keeps trying to bite and has drawn blood! He doesn't bite at any other time.



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May 8, 2017
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I hope you are with-holding the treat for bad behaviour to start with. They need to learn just how much pressure is acceptable to you and there are several ways to teach it. My own particular way is to make a hurt screech like he would if he was hurt and put him away from me and totally ignore - not even look at him - and wait until he returns usually looking a bit sheepish and almost unsure of himself. If he was in his flock that is what they would do so I try to copy it. It has worked for me.
Treats only go with good behaviour so rather than holding the treat in your fingers what about having it in your palm so it is clearly seen and hopefully picked up more carefully.
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