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Jan 29, 2022
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So this is Lola I've had Lola since she was a baby Lola will be 8 this year I've never had I've never had any issues with Lola or any problems at all are any problems at all but last year in July my dad was taken to hospital my dad was taken to hospital and on the 9th of August on the 9th of August my dad passed away it was a big shock to all of us my mum wasn't coping my mum wasn't coping and so might me and my daughter went to stay at her went to stay at hersford a few weeks in that time this time lola's routine was all over the place and she started place and she started plucking I thought when we got back to routine I thought when we got back to routine that Lola would stop and it was because of everything that had changed but it's almost been a year but it's almost been a year now and Lola is still plucking I don't know if it's behaviour what it's going on with her she has been to vets and been check out had medicine for incase you had a Fungus infection also she had treatment in case she's got parasites but all came back clear i am at lose what too do i think maybe a collar would be something to stop what does everything I like too here what u would do thank you here a little video


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Beautiful bird.
Once plucking behavior gets started it’s difficult to stop.
I would only use a cone of shame if the plucking became self mutilation.
As it stands now is only a small area.


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Aug 2, 2018
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I'm sorry for your loss. Just like us parrots are very sensitive to stress and change.

Feather destruction behavior is a challenge for all and not well understood or set answers. As stated once started is difficult to stop. And sometimes we just have to accept that, and you and yours are not alone in that

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