My baby sun conure has peak separation


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Mar 24, 2020
Hello guys,

I have a sun conure chick that has a separation on his bottom beak , its not bleeding or anything, and it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him.

Should I worry about it, take him to vet? Or it will just grow up naturally?

What do you suggest?


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Take him to vet - it is too long
Oh my goodness, that poor baby! Yes please get to the vet ASAP!
As so well stated above, a visit to your Avian Professional is required in quick order. In addition to the lower section of the beak being long, it appears to be cracked and/or that one side is longer than the other.

It is important to remember that there is a nerve bundle at the base of the beak segment and trimming of the beak in general should only be completed by a trained Avian Professional. Removing too much can result in some Parrot's to stop eating.
There is a lot going on here. The upper beak should not tuck behind the lower beak.
This is a very bad split.
Only an avain vet can help you.
Sorry for both of you.
Let us know what vet says do we can learn from you.
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Hi guys, I just want to update you, the vet said its a deformation unfortunately, but its nothing to worry about much. She fixed the shape of the beak end to make it look more normal, but she said she cant do anything about the separation because the bird look like has 2 jaws which is very strange.

The bird still on formula to eat, but we will find out his ability to eat solid food in the future.

It should be fine, he is very strong healthy bird, im sure he will manage.

Thank you all for your replies, have a good day ♥

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