My chicken kingdom


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Sep 23, 2018
Pearl (cockatiel)
Kid and Jeordi (budgies)
Kitty, Leia, Chips, Sico, Ginger, (<- RIP), Terrelli, Popularis, Ace, Whiteout, Cetoides, Ada, Lucasi, Oryx, and Tom (chickens)
I first got 13 golden comet chicks for my 4th grade 4H program. I returned 5 because that was part of the program. Every remaining chicken then got their names. I went to see some friends in Alabama who also had chickens. I learned of their chicken monarchy where the humans voted on a chicken Queen with a chosen Deputy. In my new chicken kingdom the winners were Queen Terrelli and Deputy Kylo Ren. The Deputy has since passed away from egg binding, and the other deceased citizens are as follows: Kitty, Chips, Sico, and Beer. Citizens that are still with us are Popularis and Ace, plus the Queen and six more chicks acquired last April. Each new chick (well they're not really chicks anymore) is a different breed: a buff brahma, welsummer, americauna, buckeye, and gold and silver Wyandottes. I need name suggestions for the new-ish arrivals! Each past chicken name has had a story behind it. Let me know if you want to hear any!

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