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Aug 22, 2020
Hi forum,

I live in one bedroom apartment, we wanted to buy dog, and got a parrot for this lockdown. Her name chelo, yellow kakariki, very friendly, loves to play on our desk while we working. Sometimes she is cheeky and rips keys off our laptops. She loved the pot plants that swap each day, as she rears apart. She is very goofy, our best friend.

We wanted to buy her a Companion as we are going work soon, she will so lonely :(

We looked at buying, and advised not to do so. As we are not breeding, and eggs bearing my take it her. Also, she may loose interest us

I want to ask what can we buy her a hamster, and it in the bottom of the cage. My girlfriend tells me no, hamster will get poo on. Maybe we can buy hutch, so when it raining poo it can hide.

Please advise, chelo will be so thankful, she needs a friend!

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Aug 2, 2018
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Definitely don’t keep a rodent, hamster, or anything else in her cage. They could bite her, and also make her sick and steal her food...
she will not see them as friends either....

You can start teaching foraging, yiu have to start very easy, making sure they get enough to eat, then slowly yiu have them working to find their fiid. Foraging keeps them busy . One foraging idea is to use a shallow container and mix their fiid in with a little shredded paper. At first it’s modtly food with only a little shredded paper, over days / weeks yiu add more shredded paper till they have to start moving the paper around to get the food. Their are other ideas, but the foul is to keep them busy, but also it is something they have to learn slowly. You don’t want them starving, or making it to hard fir them.

I have to read about your parrot type. See if maybe same sex friend, or other udeas
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