My lovebird is scared to death


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Sep 12, 2014
Hi, I suppose this will be stupid question, but I'll try :) About 3 weeks ago we've got cute lovebird named Kriplik. The problem is that it (I would like to be more concrete to call it she or he, but I don't know its gender) is scared to death when we are around it. It can't fly, because of its bad right wing. He used to be in great cage with other 8 lovebirds which were bullying it all the time. I tried almost everything to more socialise with it, but I can't see any progress. It doesn't accept any treats (even when I only put it next to its seeds and let it here for next day), it doesn't play with any toys, it only run all over the house to explore it, maybe to escape, I don't know. I have lot of patience for it, I do not make any quick moves, I talk to him, I don't look at him straight, I offer him my hand with treats slowly but nothing works. I'm afraid that this my behaviour is making it more terrified, but I really don't know what to do. I don't want it to be stressed out around people, but I'm afraid that it won't get used to us. Any help would be very useful and sorry about my language skills, I couldn't find any informations on czech forums so I decided to write here. Thank you very much. :rainbow1:
Welcome to the forums, glad you joined us.....

I think the problem is that with an injured wing, the bird's main defense is compromised, combined with it being in a new environment...everything is new, different and scary.....put the bird in a cage, primarily so that it does no further damage to its injured wing, then just sit & talk gently to it, don't make any sudden moves around it and if you have other animals, a cat or a dog, keep them out of the room & away from the bird until it gets used to its new surroundings.....I usually tell my birds that I am leaving a room and will be back.....while they may not understand at first, eventually they do associate your could take a few weeks to a few months for your new feathered friend to feel comfortable and safe.....

Good luck.....
3 weeks is a short amount of time for a bird. give him some more time :) just try to be calm and make slow movements around him. a skittish bird by personality will take even longer. but with patience and time he should calm down some
I had a shy lovie too (not that bad). I would choose one small room where to sit with laptop or book, preferably with playing some quiet birds sounds, close the door and just let him get used to you. My lovie was very afraid of me, but after I did this for hours on the third day she walked to me and crawled into my robe. :) Maybe try to stay in one room with him, but don't pay any attention so he can come and check you out. It has to be a small room of course. :) Hope it helps. (BTW, I tamed the baby rats the same way)
My lovebird took several months to feel acclimated to being around me. It might take longer for yours because it feels like it can't escape with its bad wing. Cream is a lot more brave now but even sometimes he'll flutter off in surprise if I sneeze or something.

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