my male then female cocktoo story


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Mar 27, 2020
i got a baby pin feathered bird . she was a mix bread malooken and umbrella mix . a very big for her bread bird . raised from a chick she loved all . many years later i seen eggs in the cage this told me she was a she not a male as i was told . a few years later she got egg bound . its why i wanted a male so hospital visit we went . all seemed fine and with in one year later she inverted her uteri's outside her body . again hospital they reinserted and gave it a few stiches to keep in place . ina week its out again now a complete hysterotomy
drs felt she may not live . got home big collar and meds . long story short she survived . ripped her stiches out and hated that collar lol. years later i got divorced and that bird hated my new wife . oddly she liked females more as one woman helped me ween her many times a day . turns out before i could get her moved out my wife was a busing her . made her hate all females period . ended up giving her away to a gay couple she still lives today . its a shame how some treat there pets


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Aug 21, 2010
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Interesting hybrid, do you have any pics to share? They are so full of surprises especially when an egg is laid. Happened to one of my cockatoos thought to be a male at age 25!

Thanks for taking good medical care of her and ultimately finding a home where she continues to be loved.


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Mar 27, 2020
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That is a good question reg pics . I had a ton of video and stills , I asked my many times let me have the stuff si could convert to digital and offered her copies . She never would let me have them . A past hurricane flooded the basement level , I always kept them on 1 floor for this reason . Salt water destroys tape and stills , many people now gone were amongst the memories . Including my kids with her .

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