My parrot nose has Problem!!!


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Dec 14, 2014

I am a new member here. I need help to find out what is going on with my parrot's peak. here are her peak. is her peak ok?

Hi Anthony and welcome to the forums.....

In a bird, those are called nares and are like our nostrils...but your budgie's do not look inflamed or look like there is any discharge coming from them.....

How long have they been like this?
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I have other birth. his nose is normal . no pump like that
Some female budgies have nares that look like that while some males are flatter than those of some of the long as they don't look irritated or develop a discharge, your bird should be OK.....
Hi Antony,
Your parakeet's nose (actually called the "cere") looks normal. It's a female, and it's normal for a female budgie's cere to look a little rough like that. A female's cere will be tan or brown and will sometimes look a little rough. My budgie's cere looks the same way, and I just took her to the vet recently for a checkup. The vet said she is fine.

As long as you don't notice any other problems like her nose running, then I'd say she is fine. Her nose looks normal to me for a female.

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