My Pineapple Green Cheek Conure won't stop laying eggs!


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May 2, 2015
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Hi, my almost 5 year old pineapple green cheek conure, Joe Joe, has layed 7 eggs so far since around the middle of April. Its seems to be like every other day or 2 days we would uncover her cage in the morning and see another egg in her little blanket(her nest) on the bottom of the cage.:24_shocke And up until we noticed the first egg, we have been calling her a he... so it was all very shocking to us. And we don't know how to stop her or anything. She used to absolutely HATE her cage, but now she doesn't put up a fight going in at night, or when we have to go somewhere, or when we just put her back on top when we r done playing.

She DOES NOT have a mate, i only have 2 parakeets besides my conure, and they are in their own cage in a separate area. Also, she is not as cuddly as she was, and spends wayyyy too much time eating her seeds in her cage than she usually would have. Whenever she lays them usually towards the end of the day when she is on someones shoulder or something, we take the egg out of the cage. (we now have 6 eggs in a Tupperware in our kitchen)(we left the other one from this morning in her cage for now)

I really want this to stop, as i have read online there are such things as chronic egg layers where the bird will physically "lay itself to death'', and i would just die if that happened.

Anyway, I love my Joe Joe and I want her to be okay again... so does anyone have any suggestions how to make her stop or something?:green2:


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Oct 27, 2013
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It's not that unusual for a female to lay eggs, even without a mate. It sounds like your GCC is replacing the eggs when you remove them. It's often better to replace the eggs with a substitute, for now you can use a needle to blow the contents out of the shells and put the empty shells back in her cage so she can see them. She will stop laying when she feels she has a viable clutch. Leave the eggs until she no longer shows interest, then remove the nest and the eggs.

It would probably be wise to get her checked by an Av Vet just to make sure she's healthy and doesn't have vitamin deficiencies. Most vets agree that a healthy female can lay two clutches a year with no harmful effects, but it does take a toll and there is always a chance of egg binding. What is your conures regular diet? You could add boiled eggs and crushed shells, dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, etc. Your girl will also need plenty of sleep.

Good luck, I hope your girl gets back to normal soon. Please keep us updated.


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Jul 20, 2012
You've received OUTSTANIND advice from Allee!

I would also try and completely re-arrange her cage. That may just confuse her enough so she'll forget about laying for a while. :)

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