My suncoure vomiting


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May 5, 2019
Hi my name is sudhan from India. I am having two baby sun conure i am new two conure species already I am breeding buggies, cocktails and finches my baby sun conure age is 6 weeks and I am hand feeding for past 1 week using crop needle of 14 g size at first I started feeding 10cc per feeding about 4 times daily now the problem is while feeding it's vomiting a small quality of food even I feed 5cc a small amount to avoid vomiting but it still continues pls help me giving some suggestions
Jan 16, 2019
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Do you pay attention to the temperature of the food? It should be around 38-40 degrees Celsius. Can you try and find a CAV (certified avian vet)? If you can't find a CAV then try to find a Exotics vet.
Does it vomit up all the food or just a little bit? Do you weigh it? If you haven't weighed it yet can you weigh it and tell us how much it weighs?

I have also come across the same situation with my bird. I have posted about it in this forum and you may be able to find some info there.
Here's the link:


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Jul 11, 2018
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Read some of EllenD's posts on hand-feeding (she is pretty good with that stuff). Keep in mind that her posts were written to people whose birds may have been slightly younger (or older, in some cases) and different species, so pay attention to detail when you read!
Scroll down until you see her name--also make sure you aren't feeding them cereal mixes for humans (these contain toxic levels of vitamins). You need to be feeding them a hand-feeding formula for parrots specifically and you need to watch out for yeast (which is very closely related to the temp of the formula--which must be exact). <---PAGE 3
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