Need advices about my plum-headed, I am new owner and forum member..


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Jun 1, 2013
Hello everyone, I just got a female plum-headed parrot her name is Nami,she is 3 years old.. :)

The pet shop owner didn't said many things about taking care of her only the basics,when i have to change the litter box and when to change food and water :/

Can someone help me? I want to know everything posible to keep her happy and healthy, I bought her yesterday..

Thank you guys.
If she is a tame bird give her personal attention for some hours.Tame birds have strong bonds with their owners.give her fresh fruits daily e.g an apple or peach.add some multi vitamins & electrolytes in fresh water twice a week specially in summer.don,t feed with just single grain like millet.feed with mixed grains e.g make a mixture of millet,corn,sunflower & flax seeds.some times treat her with fresh winter feed with sun flower seeds & peanuts.
give her a big cage & wooden perch.also keep some toys so when you are not there she can enjoy playing with toys.remember parrots are very intelligent birds & specially the tame birds build up very strong bonds with their when you are not with your bird it becomes bored.once become bored they can go into stress so for that purpose toys for a single bird are very important.
In winter try to keep your bird warm.parrots can not tolerate freezing temps.
Enjoy your plum head.i personally don,t like a single bird & keep them in pairs.its better if you purchase a male plum head also.
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Thank you for the information :)
The pet shop that I bought her didnt have any toys and i am trying to make homemade ones.I am about taking a male plum-headded plus a bigger cage the next month..
How can i keep her warm in the winter?
As long as she's not kept close to draft there's nothing to worry about if you keep your house warm. It is up to you to get a second one or not. To me its un necessary as a second bird if paired up can cause the other one to turn mean. Never expect them to get along cause they may not like each other. Also practice quarantine!
It depends on your climate.what is normal temp in winter where you are living.if very cold then place the cage indoors at night if your home is central heated.if you can not do that make a bigger iron frame in which you can place the cage & cover the frame with a cloth sheet & you can also install a bulb to keep your birds the after noon place the cage in sun shine so the birds can enjoy winter sunshine.
its better if you place the cage indoors in winter.
In addition to what Mikey says, a second bird will take the first one away from you, if they do get along. When birds have other birds, they have no need to be friendly to you. They are flock animals, and if their flock can have other birds, they will be friendly to them first.
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I leave in greece the winter is cold and there is no chance i would take her outside She would freeze to death :(

I was about asking this about the altittude change in case i got a new parrot,thank you guys you ROCK :)

And something last,should i cover her cage at night?
Thank you :)
This is Willie:

This is Lola:
Mikey Willie is so beautiful.he seems to be pure Blue & Gold Macaw.i love Macaw specially the green winged.Mikey i have Alexandrines & Grays plus peacocks & pheasants.i love birds they are so beautiful creatures.
What kind of pheasants? The golden pheasant is amazing!!!! My friend have a peacock and he runs all over his yard. Yes both are pure B&G Macaws.

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