Need to re-home male Bourke in NJ


Apr 15, 2022
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I have a young male Bourke who I love dearly, but am unable to keep due to life circumstances. It's no longer fair for him. I'd really love for him to go to a home with other bourkes. He is not hand tame, but he is making progress and will hesitantly take treats from me. This is a big jump from when I got him, I couldn't be in the room without him freaking out. He will take kale and broccoli, and is currently on a diet of parakeet and finch seed. I never got him to recognize pellets as food. He sings quite loudly at dawn and dusk, and will call if you play Bourke sounds on a laptop. During the day he is relatively quiet. He isn't the most destructive parrot, but he loves to play with straw toys, and will eat house plants. He will also try to eat dirt if not supervised. Absolutely loves to fly and hang out on my canopy bed and watch through the windows. He will happily sit in one place for hours just watching. He makes the coolest sounds while flying as well. I will not re home him to anyone who cuts flight feathers, that would be far too cruel for him.

There is a rehoming fee, and his cage is a separate fee if you want it. I will provide a small travel cage, some food, and his favorite toys.


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Sep 2, 2022
Please send your bird in his cage. To sell him without his cage is cruel. It’s the only security he knows and sending him away without it will be traumatizing for him, and set back any progress you’ve made with him.

I would take him (I have 20 years of Bourke’s experience), but I am too far away 😔

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