New addition to the flock


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Feb 24, 2022
Chicago, IL
14 month old Quaker Parrot (Pete)
15 month old Green Cheek Conure (KiKi)
10 month old Quaker Parrot (Columbo)
Hello fellow quaker owners,

I bought a blue quaker 2 weeks ago who is 10 months old named Columbo. I have owned another green quaker along with a green cheek conure for the past year and thy are a bonded pair.
Throughout the past couple of weeks I have let all of them out of their cages (seperate rooms) intermittently and haven't had any major issues though I noticed this morning the quakers becoming very friendly and preening each other - Is this normal?
Pete (Quaker) is a male and I'm waiting for the results for Columbo.
Is it possible Columbo bonds with Pete?
Any suggestions on the proper way to intergrate a young quaker with 2 other younger birds?
THANKS in advance.

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