New Alexandrine - 4 month old


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Nov 12, 2021
Little Allexander

I need a little help from you guys, because i'm a new owner of a beautiful Alexandrine 4 months old, so it's still a baby i think.
I will give a little history of what happened until now so maybe will be much easier for you to help me.
I took it last thursday and friday night he just escaped from the cage in the balcony (luckily i have a closed balcony).
Saturday night after i moved the cage on the window side he just entered like nothing happened.
Now, my questions are: what can I do to make him more comfortable, because when i try to change the water every evening he just struggle very hard in that cage and i'm afraid that he will hurt himself.
Next question is when i will be able to let him again in the balcony to fly more and when i can took him to stay on my hand or anything like this.

If you have any advices i'll took them and it will be very helpfull.
Thank you so much :)


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Sep 16, 2021
Hanhs Macaw
Hello and welcome, you are right, he is a young baby bird. Your question...."what can I do to make him more comfortable" is excellent. I am glad you joined us. Oh I would love to see his photo....

Since he struggles, he must fear hand.
And I agree that he could hurt himself.
Though this is natural for any bird in a new environment to be stressful. But there are many things we can do to help reduce stress. All of which are being discussed in this thread...

Thread 'Help with Terrified Baby Amazon'

There's a long journey to take together.
I think your idea of letting him fly in your closed balcony is a very good one. Lots of room and nice view too.

If you can teach him to step up on a stick, you can take him to a stand in the balcony to excercise. And later, he can step from the stick to your hand.

You will also need to teach him not to fly into the glass door. All is explained in that thread above.

Was he raised by hand feeding?
What is he eating, and
is he drinking much?
What is his favorite toy?
What is his favorite food?

We need to get to know him and what he likes to eat in order to train him.


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Aug 21, 2010
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