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Apr 2, 2022
Hello Parrot Friends!

I became a first time budgie mom about a month ago. My little girl’s name is Cosette or “Cozy” for short. She is a beautiful periwinkle and white budgie with light grey stripes. She has big sweet black eyes; I love looking into them as I talk to her and try to teach her things. It’s amazing.

My whole life I was never really a bird person. I had a not-so-good experience as a child with a family parakeet who was less than friendly. Because of that, I have been uncomfortable around birds, until recently.

My husband and I have being going through a very rough time with health issues. Over the last few months, I kept telling my husband how I wish I had a pet during this time to help me with my stress and anxiety levels. Surprisingly, my husband suggested a budgie. I wrote him off the first couple times he mentioned it because of my past experience. He was fortunate enough to have a great pet budgie growing up. However, since the pandemic started, I have gotten into bird watching, of all things! I fell in love with them!! We put a feeder on our window so I could watch them all day. They brought me a lot of joy during very uncertain times. After my husband pointed this out, I decided to give the whole budgie suggestion some serious thought. A couple months later, and here we are with our Cozy! We love her so much. I enjoy caring for her, entertaining her and trying to get her to eat new fruits and veggies (steady as she goes, lol!)

I’m so glad I found this community of bird parents. The non-judge mental advice and welcoming spirits of this forum’s members have been comforting and enlightening. So, thanks for having me (or should I say “us”). Looking forward to the many conversations to come and birdie stories to share.


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Aug 21, 2010
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RIP Gandalf and Big Bird, you are missed.
Welcome to you and gorgeous Cozy! Wishing you and husband improved health!! Companion animals can play definitive role in positive outlook and improving mood. Caring for a totally dependent bird immensely therapeutic. You'll find PF a deeply caring and nurturing platform!!


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Apr 7, 2022
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Cozy is so adorable! And yes we hope to have you around more!
I’m new too and hopefully we could share our parrot care endeavors on this forum as well!


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Jun 25, 2022
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Welcome. Such a cutie!

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