New cage choice for 2 parrots - flight with divider?


Aug 21, 2021
female Sun Conure
Hello all! I'd like some advice on dimensions for a split flight cage for my Sun Conure and CBC. Below is the one I'm considering (21" depth 32" length on either side of divider)

Below are the cages I currently have with the bigger being the suns and the smaller being her previous cage that I then decided to reuse when I got CBC.

Sun cage is quite frankly too big...she doesn't use a good portion of the space on the bottom that could be used for storage and it's tiresome to move in front of window every morning for daylight.

I'm looking to be more efficient with space and be able to move both cages as a unit but am concerned if the one I found is a good enough depth for the breeds. Split flight is also ideal because I can always remove divider as I work towards building their bond and they can share.


I'm also not sure how sun will react to being downgraded. She started in CBC cage but it's been a little over a year now with big cage.

And finally what are thoughts on me getting spectrum lighting? I'm working on doing an outdoor aviary for them but not sure if it'll be done this summer or next. They aren't harness trained yet and I worry about them getting sunlight.

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