New companion coming soon 🥰


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Aug 28, 2022
About to get a baby budgie in a few weeks 🥰
I’m experienced with budgies but from an era way back pre internet and when you bought one book and fed them Trill 😯
So I’m starting afresh basically and as I’m such a research freak this’ll probably send me around the bend 😆 especially as the internet is FULL of conflicting ‘facts’. But this forum is a great start for me 👍

To begin with, I have a giant roll of fairly stiff/strong plain brown basic parcel wrapping paper that I bought about 20 years ago, it’s matt one side and less matt/a little smoother on the other side. I’m hoping I can use this for ‘Terry’ when he arrives for the base of his dome (nicer than the cage word) and also scrunched or shredded for foraging.

Secondly, if I want to join any card or paper what glue would be safe?

Thirdly are coloured wooden beads bought from Hobbycraft uk going to be safe for me to make Terry a swing or toys?

Thank you so much from Newbie Ju xx

P.S. Terry Dacktil as in Pterodactyl because his ‘cage’ is a dome like in the Jurassic World movie 😱😆

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