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New here...looking for colorful Vet Tape in Houston area?


New member
Apr 8, 2015
Does anybody know where I can find some? :confused:

I didn't want to wait to order some online. Hopeing to find some local.
Do you have a Tractor Supply Co store in your area? That's where I got my vet tape! I assume any place that has horse supplies would also have vet tape :)
Good luck!
I ordered mine on ebay. It was shipped really fast so I only had to wait a couple days for it. If you don't want to order it then Tractor Supply would be your best bet, as Lullx said.
I get mine at the feed store. It's really cheap there and they have lots of color options. I wrap my play tree branches in it because the manzanita wood is a little slick, especially for my smaller birds.
I ordered it by the case from horse.com. Bought in bulk and it was cheaper.

Now I've switched to gorilla tape. Holds up better over the long term. You can get that stuff at Walmart.

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