New Indian Ringneck Baby Advice Please


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Jun 17, 2021
Hey Guys,
I've kept birds for most of 20 years, but never a "Parrot" (yes, I realize Ringnecks are technically Parakeets, but in practice they're much more like raising a Parrot. They're bigger than many, Sun Conures etc.. I made a mistake buying from an online breeder who I don't believe was honest about my new baby's age, she claimed 8 weeks but my Blue Indian Ringneck is not fully feathered, could not stand and was only taking "Exact" formula, I'm thinking 6 weeks (will add pics as requested). She can now stand when she tries, 4 days since we got her and will crawl up my shirt if I'm laying back on a pillow. I will take her to a bird vet Monday for a wellness checkup and DNA so we can name her. I have 2 main questions; What soft foods can I introduce first? I read oatmeal, rice and squash, but what type of rice (white, brown?), maybe make a fruit or veggie chop?. Next, how long per day should we be handling her, she seems very comfortable laying on my shirt after we feed her. Lastly, she's in an open shallow, lined with a baby blanket (changed after she poops of course), at what point should I move her into her baby-sized cage? (so she can learn to perch etc). Thank you everyone!


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Jun 16, 2021
I have 2 parakeets, lemon and Kiwi. They are adorable and energetic birds. Goodbye Berry... Promise to grow up in the sky with the others.
Hello! I am so glad you have gotten an indian ringneck parakeet. It hope it grows up with you and, becomes a strong bird. Number 1: Give it warm formula (IT CANNOT BE COLD) 3 times every day around 10 ml each time, when parrots are growing up it needs a lot of food to function normally. So give it small bits of formula and, keep it warm. NEVER shove the whole syringe down their throat at once, It can go in the wrong throat and make a little ball. When you feed it the formula, the syringe should be in the left and right, NEVER to THE CENTER to dispense safe amounts. Note: Before you feed it make sure the crop (Stomach) is flat before feeding, the crop should be empty! Do not feed it quickly let it swallow THEN dispense the formula again. When it grows a little older teach it how to balance on a perch by letting it grab on the perch with its feet. Then you hold the body steadily if it is about to fall, if you do this everyday it will help with him balancing on a perch. (Get bigger perches as they grow!) Toys: Every birdy deserves its toys, but there comes with a caution, painted toys may be painted with lead, polished plastic covered swings may cause a falling hazard, and thread toys can cause choking. Food: You can give it normal formula, mashed warm wet rice (ONE AT A TIME OR BEAK WILL GET STICKY), and small bits of fruits. (NEVER FEED PARROTS CHOCOLATE, AVOCADO, APPLE SEEDS, RAW SUGAR, JUNK FOOD, ONIONS, And anything that is poisonous or strong to humans!) (Do your research before you give any food to your parrot) - TheBabyBudgies.
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