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Feb 27, 2021
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African grey
Hi everyone my name is to I am 54 and retired. I just got an cag last weekend his name is paco he is 10 years old. I got him from a parrot shop but could not get much history on him. He is very active and very talkative. Doesn't really have a biting problem which is a good thing. He does step up and down and will take treats from your hand very gently. He is adjusting very well to his new surroundings. I have started clicker training with him and he is doing very well with it so far. I am trying to learn his body language but sometimes I am just not sure. Sometimes he lifts his wings just a little and shakes a little and not sure if hes nervous or just excited. He will do that when he steps up on my arm or when we talk to eachother when hes on his play stand. He is a very fussy eater and doesn't really like fresh vegetables that much but he does like apples and bananas. Biggest problem I have with him is stepping up when I want him to like from his cage or from his play stand. He has to come out of his cage on his own terms and if I have him on his play stand and I have to leave the house it can be a battle to get him of it. I try to to push his boundaries so I stress him I don't want him to be a biter. If he doesn't want to he just moves away and I respect that. So I have to usually trick him or entice him to step up but he is very smart. Otherwise he is a very good boy. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to a beautiful relationship with paco.




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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the forum, congratulations on adding Paco to your life!!

Its early days yet. So you can get him eating veggies, leafy greens. We talk about diet all the time, here lol. I like to give chunks that they can hold and destroy. Many others like to do chop. Sometimes how you offer , gets them trying. I offer spread out in shallow dishes out of the cage, the exploration, discovery, and curiosity, gets them chowing. Or i hang with the stainless steel parrot skewers. I never limited their other food, I just offered more diversity.
I have had success with all my parrots and they a started out as seed addicted, or never eating veggies before. So I know you can succeed.

I share this a lot, and it's not just for stressed parrot, it really helps understood how parrots think.


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Jul 11, 2018
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You should just leave the cage door open and wait for him to come in and out during the trust-building stage. You haven't had him long at all.

You are right to avoid forcing him etc.

When do do move him perch to cage, make sure that you aren't locking him in every time. Otherwise, he will associate leaving the play stand with getting locked back in his cage again.


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome to you and Paco, wishing you decades of happiness!

Greys are extraordinarily bright and oft times temperamentally stubborn. He's adapting quite well given the short time in your home. Work at his pace and reward every milestone. Honeymoon period can last a month or longer! I'd highly recommend reading this favorite CAG thread, will help decipher body language:

Greys quite receptive to clicker training, might also find a few tips here: >>>

Trademark stubbornness evident with food! Repetition is helpful to break through aversions, may take months, years, even decades before a particular food is sampled and enjoyed. One technique I find helpful is preparing identical bowls of fresh veggies/fruits aka "chop." Offer one bowl to Paco, begin eating from yours. Make "mmmm" sounds, bob your head in delight. Parrots are flock eaters and you are one of the flock!


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You have a beautiful boy there.

Yup Grey’s can be stubborn.
The body language you describe is “I want to go there “, or excitement.

When he makes his feathers stand up and looks like a hedgehog, that’s when you know you pushed as far as you can and a bite is coming.


Feb 9, 2020
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Let him step up when he wants to step up. Don’t force it now. It sounds like he’s doing great!

My guy’s play stand is right next to his cage, so he can go back and forth at will.

I understand that there are times you’re going out and don’t want to leave him out, so for now, I wouldn’t take him out unless you’re going to be able to leave him out and do a more relaxed getting him back into cage experience. You don’t want to rush that stuff now.

Let him enjoy his time outside with you.


Sep 7, 2019
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My Scooter is also a fussy eater, and I couldn't get her to eat her greens - she just wanted to eat red grapes and cantaloupe. I started mincing a kale/arugula mix, very fine, and stirring it in with her food. She now eats greens.
She also wouldn't touch the pellets the vet recommended for her, so I use a small bowl inside a larger bowl to break up the pellets, and mix that in. Just a couple of days ago, instead of going for the red grape slices first, she went for a piece of pellet.
I've also gotten her used to egg (scrambled or slices of hard boiled) and chicken bones. That last one threw me when her vet recommended it, but she really does love them, now. It's just a little gruesome to see her cracking bones open and scooping out the marrow.


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Sep 21, 2017
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The honeymoon period.... lol

He's adorable and I guarantee he will be a huge addition to your life, good luck :)

He will be wanting to push his guidelines on you and vice versa, make sure he has his little victories and never force things on him. He will give you little clues to his opinion (body language).

With Enzo,

stage/warning 1, a shake of the head (as far as it goes with Enzo and I, normally), she is not sure/happy with the current situation, give me space etc
lots of birds give other signs, but Enzo shakes her head..

stage/warning 2, a physical contact, a beak on your finger, a push away of your hang, a tap on something
(you have had your chance)
stage 3, bite.
before too long, you wont get past stage 1.

Pinning eyes is a big 'IM WARNING YOU NOW', back off....

wings out a little and shaking with enzo actually means, I want to spend more time with you, its not a bad thing. she normally does that when i put her in her cage for sleep.

I never force Enzo to do anything, unless she is in danger, I always and with all birds, sort of 'asked' birds to do things, step up etc, I think they appreciate and respect the 'respect'.

I may be talking tosh here, just my limited experience
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