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Apr 25, 2013
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Hi! I'm a hopeful parrot owner, and I joined this site to know as much as I can about the species of parrot I plan on getting.
I've never owned a parrot, so I've been looking at Conures, mostly Green Cheeks and Sun Conures, but have also looked into Budgies and Parrotlets.
I hope you can help me on my journey of becoming a successful parrot owner!
Welcome. You will find lots and lots of information on all of the birds you're interested in. Who knows, you may become interested in something else!
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Thanks! By the way, I've been researching birds for about a month, but another reason I joined a forum was because you can actually talk to the bird owners, and a question I have been wondering was: What is it like to own a parrot day by day? Everything I read talks about cage sizes, diet, etc., but what are people's schedules? Does your bird get used to your schedule over time or do you morph your schedule to fit your bird's needs? Also, can you spend too much time with your bird?
Birds will adapt to your schedule, but it can also help to modify your schedule when possible!
It varies a lot based on species; some are more demanding than others.
What is really important is to properly socialize and train them young, and provide them with attention every day. You can never spend too much time with your bird, as long as you don't interrupt their sleep. Birds are very social creatures and typically stay with their flocks or their mates. Having only one bird, you will be their favorite flock member.

No one's experience owning a bird will be the same as another's, but be prepared for some mess, some noise, but a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of love.
Welcome to the forum!

Hehe I joined recently too :)

Honestly, having a pet parrot is like having a two year old child. Lots of hard work but in the end, I wouldn't give up my little one for the world :D
If you have a social life, expect it to be much less with a parrot ;) My best friend and I aren't very social people, so it worked out great for me.

Also, bird people tend to be kind of crazy. You'll feel like Sherlock Holmes as you make sure your fid is safe, and you are watching out for the small signs that may mean he is unhealthy.

Birds have extremely efficient lungs, but in a house hold enviroment this is there downfall. Parrots can be injured easily, and killed, by toxic fumes in the air. This means no more smelly cleaners near your bird, no using non stick cookware, no scented candles, pretty much anything smelly is probably bad.

parrots are wild animals, they require a very dedicated parront who can raise them right. If you are bitten it is your own fault. Most birds for sale at pet stores are young and sweet the will soon go through puberty, a time in their life were many birds are re-homed by people who don't know any better.
Welcome to the forum!

I've only been here a short time, but the information has been wonderfully helpful and the people are awesome.

We purchased a GCC and are absolutely thrilled with him, so of course, that would be my recommendation on breed ;)
Welcome to the forum and happy researching, then happy hunting for your new feather baby:)
Hi And welcome.

Yes birds can adapt to your schedule as long as you make the required time for them.
Socialize them lots, they like structure but don't make it so rigid that they cannot accept change.
Depending on your life style, you may have to change some of your socializations. For example if you work, you will be heading home after work instead of out with friends.
I never went out much after work anyways so it didn't change my schedule very much and I always had people over to my place and still do.
Hi and welcome! I am a new bird parront as well, my little GCC Fiji is my first bird. I was really nervous as I have NEVER had a bird, i didnt know how to handle one, etc. However, I couldn't have asked for a better first bird than a green cheek conure! He has so much personality, he should have his own reality show. seriously, my husband and I laugh so hard every single day from his shenanigans! He can be bratty, but it just adds to his cuteness! While I'm at work, I leave the radio on for him, park his cage by the french door so he can look outside at the birds, and leave him lots of food and toys. I rush home from work every day to hang out with him.

This forum has helped me so much, I read the posts every day! Good luck with your researching and let us know what you decide to get!
Hi first time on here i wanted to find something that would help when we get our blue and gold macaw in june. We have a african grey and we love him. We have two teenagers. So i can't wait to chat with someone about there bird,:grey::blue:
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